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Tube Engineering Services & Capabilities

We undertake a wide range of tube engineering including bending, forming, end forming, fabrication, cleaning and finishing processes in-house. For more specialist techniques including painting and plating we have a strong network of qualified external resources.

We have one of the most extensive tube bending tooling ranges available in tube diameters up to 76 mm (3”). If you have the opportunity to talk to us prior to designing your tube component we can ensure that your bends fit with existing tube diameter and bend radius tooling, thus avoiding any tooling cost requirement. Our CNC bending machines can produce traditional draw bending forms (with mandrels to avoid thin wall collapse) or, push bending for larger radius curves. For unusual bend forms which do not lend themselves to automated bending we can produce hand jigs, or assist with redesign or suggest jointed solutions.

We also have a very wide range of end forming tools, allowing you to create hose connector ends, bulkhead fittings, or we can pre-fit captive nuts to your specification.

Our cleaning capabilities include deburring, pelleting, ultrasonic bath cleaning, shot blasting, and options for plugging, capping or bagging. For identification and traceability purpose we operate both pin-stamping and laser etching marking systems.

In-house brazing, MIG and TIG welding, assembly and kitting, including Kanban arrangements, mean that we can offer you a fully reliable tube manipulation service.

tube manipulation services

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