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At Listertube, we value the importance of customer service. That is why we’re happy to offer a rebate on samples, which aims to save customers money and reduce the impact of initial costs when developing new parts. If there is an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and promote new work with existing or potential customers, then we will certainly explore all options.

Tackling the issue

When developing and manufacturing new parts, the cost is significantly higher than normal production batches. This is due to the potential of minimum orders, increased scrap on materials, minimum set up costs on CNC tooling and programming, and additional first off quality control processes (which normally include ISIR/FAIR documentation). Occasionally, tooling modifications and/or checking fixtures are required, plus several other factors.

Eventually, this is all wrapped up into the price of a single part (or a small batch of parts), which can often seem excessive. This makes the opportunity to make even a modest profit rather limited, with no guarantee of repeat/future orders for the parts we have taken through a lengthy and often challenging development process.

Listertube’s solution

Therefore, as a solution, Listertube will quote samples at the correct rate to make normal profits, but offer a refund of anything up to 100% (depending on the quantity and value of the subsequent production batches) on receipt of an order for the production quantities quoted.

This way, if sample approval is achieved within a reasonable period of time, the cost of sample production is effectively cancelled to the customer, and offset by Listertube against the profit of future orders placed.

We see this as a win-win situation for both us and, more importantly, the customer. The mutual benefits provided ensure that we can develop a prosperous relationship with our customers, as keeping our promises is core to our approach.

For more information on Listertube, please contact us – we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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